Attention Traverse City Golfers:
Want to Increase Your Distance?
Do you have Pain in your body during or after golf?
If so you're invited...

Free Golf Pain and Performance Workshop
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Workshop Starts In...

Andrew Gorecki, DPT

Dr. Gorecki is a physical therapist, owner of Superior Physical Therapy and Nike Golf Performance Specialist and is ready to teach your how to eliminate pain with golf and increase your power, distance and accuracy naturally.  
What You're Going To Learn
  • Top 3 Ways to Increase Distance On your Drives
  • The Top 3 regions of the body that Get Injured in Golf
  • Top 3 Causes of Pain in the body during golf
  • Simple Exercises anyone can do to eliminate pain in their body during golf
  • What the Pros are doing right now to Keep Their bodies in top shape
  • How you can do what the pros are doing, for FREE
Who Is This Free Workshop For?
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  • If you have pain when you play golf
  • If you want to avoid treatments that are aggressive and treat only the symptoms of pain including medications, injections, surgery
  • If you are no longer playing as much as you once were because your pain makes you avoid the game
  • If you have a hard time walking the golf course
  • If you are afraid that your pain will not get any better and force you to retire from golf
  • If you feel like you have tried everything and there is no hope
  • If you avoided playing golf in the past because of your pain and you're tired of avoiding the game you love so much
  • You are a spouse of someone with golf pains and they are to stubborn to ask for help
We only allow 30 seats per workshop. They fill up every time we offer this workshop so if you have interest don't want to long to register.  
What Others Had To Say...
In the past 8 weeks, I have taken a course from Keith Bandli at Superior PT called NG360, which is specifically designed to help with balance, strength and flexibility during your golf swing. You will learn very specific exercises to strengthen your core and put flexibility in your swing, while maintaining balance through your swing.
I played golf for the first time yesterday and birdied my second hole! These classes have clearly helped with my balance and helped with take away and follow through flexibility. I am 64 years old and the regained flexibility is a big deal.
I highly recommend this course to any age golfer who would like a little more balance and flexibility, as these are important ingredients to a lower golf score and great golf experience. Keith does an excellent job instructing!
Larry Fay

Recently attended a series of NG360 classes conducted by Keith. I'm an avid golfer, and have always looked for physical training specifically for golf and I found it. Stretch, strength, with in depth knowledge of how it impacts specific muscles for a stronger golf game. Exactly what I was looking for.
Jim Hoffman
Initially I came to PT because of pain in right leg, knee and hip. The first sessions were cautious stretches. After about the third session I noticed so much improvement! Walking improved and golfing was not painful. Learning that stretching relieved my leg pain was a great take away. I can do these stretches at home. Also, I am learning to modify certain moves like lunges, so I can ease back into them in workouts. I appreciate the polite attentive front desk and particularly the PT’s. Very professionals. Very careful to insure the exercises fit my problems.- Jean Humble
Since I have attended the golf classes at Superior, I have noticed an increase in my flexibility, strength, and endurance in my golf game. In addition, the class has helped in my everyday life since my work requires hours of sitting at my desk. - Mark Mclane

I didn’t know I would be playing golf for the summer! With the help of Nick, Ben and Nathaniel my back feels great and I am looking forward to an active summer; all the people here have been great! –Scott Candey
I could hardly raise my right arm due to pain in my right shoulder. I’ve actually played golf twice now! I couldn’t use my right arm because it hurt so much and was so weak. All the therapists were fantastic and did a great job. They found the trigger points immediately, and explained what I needed to do, showed me, and made a tremendous difference. Thanks so much for all the help! –Peggy Stanek
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